Pomperlut, or maybe not

The 21st of June is always a special day. Solstice, longest light hours of the year, first day of summer, and the perfect evening to celebrate my love’s birthday. The night was young when we set out for a small restaurant in Bruges, that received raving ratings in TripAdvisor.
But our plans were twarted in a most clumsy way.The trajectory of a triathlon crossed our path and caused us to arrive twinty something minutes late at the restaurant. With a sigh of relief we opened the entrance door to the lilliputian house and I had already started to hang our coats away, waiting for the owner who was busy serving customers, in a hurried and somewhat nervous way. To tell the truth, the whole setting, the little house, the owner with his curly hairdo, a little bend in the shoulders as if he was afraid to hit his head against the low ceiling, it all reminded me of a scene out of Tolkien’s famous Hobit’s tale. Amusing but not completely comforting. When at last Bilbo did notice us and asked our business he looked very annoyed indeed. Since we had arrived late, in excess of fifteen minutes, the scoundrel had simply given away our table! “Fifteen minutes!” I exclaimed! “That’s outrageous! Why didn’t you give us a quick ring if you were that concerned? We have never stood up a reservation. Oh,you don’t record the phone numbers,do you? Then why didn’t you tell me when I made my reservation that you worked with such tight timeslots? I would have taken it into account.” But Bilbo just stood there, sheepishly, wishing we would just leave. And of course we did, because it was my love’s birthday night and we had better this to do then to quarrel with dwarfs.

I don’t know if Pomperlut serves good food. We didn’t get the chance to taste it. But I do know that eating out is a holistic experience and that it starts with the man at the door. That man did not deserve any points that night. Me on the contrary, I did. We finally had a perfect evening out in the very friendly company of the hosts of ‘Quatre Mains’, a cosy and original restaurant that serves delicious tapas and a great menu accompanied by a select choice of wines. As it turned out, we were almost grateful that a thriatlon had crossed our plans that evening. But that’s how it goes on a solstice night. Expect the unexpected.

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