Your ultimate ski-holiday check-list


On our ski-holiday this year I realized I again forgot to take some essential items with me. Not as essential as my ski jacket or helmet. I took everything I basically needed to go ski every day, but I forgot a small back pack for instance, and really missed it almost daily. I therefore decided to write down the essential ski-holiday check list for next time, and why not share it with others, who might need it too!


Your ski outfit:


-Skijacket -Skipants -Skisocks -Sleeveless shirt or top -Underfleece sweater -Upper fleece sweater -Gloves or mits -Undergloves (with touchscreen tips if you want to use your smartphone when skiing) -Helmet (do wear one, it is just a sad way to die while skiing) -Scarf -Fleece neck warmer (to pull over your underface when very windy) -Ski hat (there are very thin hats which you can wear under your helmet for extra warmth) -Ski goggles (do not underestimate the strenght of the winter sun, also essential when it snows) -skis or snowboard -skishoes -ski sticks

If it is very cold you can wear following items for extra insulation:


-shirt with short or long sleeves as extra layer -thicker socks (do not wear two pear of socks!) -panties to wear under your skipants

Accessories you need on your holiday:

-sunglasses -regular gloves -regular hat -snowboots of sturdy walking shoes or moonboots -regular scarf (it might seem dum to take two pairs of hats, scarfs and gloves, but the ones you use for skiing are often sweaty or wet, so it is comfortable to be able to change them for others at the end of your ski-day) -umbrella (where it can snow it can rain…)

For your days on the slopes:


Ski-pass In some ski-areas you can re-use your ski-pass (and not have to pay for it again). So keep it somewhere where you will find it- again next year.

-a small or medium backpack (to take lunch, water, sunscreen, put away carfs, sunglasses…) -small thermos flask -some sandwich bags to pack lunch -a pocket knife. On very busy and sunny days you might prefer to eat your lunch outside on te slopes in the sun, rather than to wait for a table at one of the restaurants on the slopes for a much too expensive lunch.

-sunscreen, and an extra small tube of sunscreen to take with you on the slopes -one lipbalm per person -packs of disposable handkerchiefs


-a plastic sheet to put in the trunk of your car to put the wet skis and boots on after skiing, snow chains (do put them on at home at least once, so that you are familiar with how it works. Most often you have to put them on when it is dark, in the snow, in cold weather ….), and you can take some old gloves and an old sweater with you to put on your chains, because it is often a very dirty job!

-a credit card: when renting skis the shop often asks a credit card as guarantee, and it might come in handy at other times too! -your social security number and/or assurance cards

-telephone numbers of close family members

first aid kit: -plasters -disinfection spray -wound healing cream -ointment for burns -after sun cream -facial cream (the cold dehydrates your skin) -painkillers -thermometer -other medication you regularly take.

-If you wear contact lenses: spare contact lenses and/or glasses, fluids and holders for your contact lenses

-cords and chargers for phones, computers and tablets

If you rent an apartment or chalet these are some useful items you should take:


-Take the address and telephone number of your destination with you in the car in an easy to reach spot (do not pack it in your suitcase).

-Breakfast for the first morning (you usually arrive late in the evening): coffee, coffee filters, tea, breakfast cereal or muesli, milk, sugar, jam, chocolate spread, chocolate milk powder -cookies

-garbage bags -washing up liquid -dish washing sponge -toilet paper!! -handkerchiefs -paper towels -salt and pepper -fondue fuel cartridge (if the place has a fondue set) -reusable supermarket bags -kitchen towels -dish washing gloves (if you use them) -some bottles of wine of champagne

Toiletries and cosmetics:


If you rent an apartment or chalet you should bring -shower gel -soap -shampoo -hair dryer -toothbrush -toothpaste -bath and hand towels -bed linnen -earplugs (against noisy neighbours) (all other personal toiletries you need)

-Books to read (or download them on your tablet) -download some films on your tablet or computer for the evenings (films you always wanted to see but never got around to)

For the car trip to your destination:


-You are not the only one who goes skiing in the holidays, traffic tends to get really bad on these days, and if you are unlucky and the weather turns bad, who knows how long your trip will be: So pack enough food and drinks to cover one or two meals, with some extra fruit and cookies to munch. Gas stations are often terribly crowded on busy days during the holidays, so you can eat in the car instead of standing in an endless row for something to eat or drink. And if you are as unlucky as some during these last holidays and you get stuck in a huge traffic jam, you will be so grateful you packed food.

-For the same reason do not wait until your gas tank is almost empty before filling up, if you get stuck somewhere you do not want to run out of gas!


Enjoy the snow!