#food – f r e s h , f a i r , f a b u l o u s


This time we looked for a hip, young, tasty restaurant in Bruges for the seventeenth birthday of our daughter, and we found this at #food. Relatively new but with very good reviews on Tripadvisor, #food fills the gap of young trendy restaurants. Bruges counts many good restaurants, and quite a number of michelin stars, but most of them are quite classic in approach (and expensive as well). It is located quite centrally, and quickly filled up on Sunday at lunchtime.We had made a reservation five days before, and the only minus point I can think of, is that they had given away the table at the window we had asked for. When I mentioned it, the hostess immediately asked the couple already sitting there if they minded to move ( they hadn’t ordered yet). It made me feel a bit guilty but they luckily did not mind.


The restaurant is decorated in a seventies, recycled chic, using simple wooden planks and old cupboard doors to furnish the walls, and nostalgic seventies toys as decorative items.


The menu is not fancy, proposing bruschettas, soups, burgers, salads, quiches, lasagnas and toasts, all fresh and homemade, using a large amount of fresh herbs and fruits as well as different kinds of salads. All the burgers are homemade and served on brown buns, and you can even try a burger with 30 % of worms and grashoppers in them. There is a good choice for vegetarians, and you can drink homemade lemonade.


The kitchen is run by Dave, who obviously loves to cook and does it with passion and creativity. He invents a new dessert every now and then, which is named Dave’s Wave, based on the inspiration of the moment. This time it looked like a plant in a pot, but tasted like a yummy dessert. (it is chocolate crumble on top)


We ordered a plate of Bruschettas as a starter, each of us took a burger and we had Panna Cotta as dessert, while my son tried the Dave’s Wave. The buschettas are simple but really fresh and very tasty. The burgers are really good, with a great salad, while the salads and dishes other people ordered also looked fabulous. The Panna Cotta is good and obviously homemade, the Dave’s Wave looked and tasted great with a lots of fresh fruit.


#food is a great find and really what we needed in Bruges, we will surely be back!

And you can pay by card!

#food: Oude Burg 30, 8000 Brugge

Tel: 0498 60 34 60, hashtagfood@hotmail.com, http://www.hashtagfood.be

Mo: 12:00 – 20:30
Thu – Sa: 12:00 – 20:30
Su: 12:00 – 16:00