It is not exceptional to hear two Vietnamese people greet each other not by : ‘Hello, how are you’ but rather by ‘Hello, have you eaten already?’

People write blogs for hundreds of  deserving reasons. Writing is an existential expressions of showing yourself as you are. Not just showing who you are and what you are about, but even just showing that you ‘are’.
It is also not a surprise that many blogs are about food. About what people have eaten, about when and where they experienced certain meals. It is a very natural reaction to want to share these experiences with other people, I would almost say that it is written into our human DNA, because nothing is more essential in life, for life, than to eat.
So, writing and eating, eating and writing about eating, Two existential activities combined that inevitably culminate into a foodblog. And here is ours.

Vera is a Chef, She has spent years in a restaurant kitchen and is therefore keenly aware of the hard work of chefs and sous-chefs and all their helpers in this engine-room of the restaurant.  Vera is also a herbalist and worked in a restaurant specializing in organic food. She understands the language of the kitchen and has a lot of sympathy for the people laboring long and backbreaking hours to sustain a high level gastronomic menu card.

I’m not a cook, although Saturday is my day in the family kitchen and our children still show up when called for dinner. I’m a livestock veterinarian. You might say that I know something about what food looks like before it ‘sits’ on your plate. I have an immense respect for what we eat, because I realize all too well that we’ve had to kill for it.  Oops, have I lost some readers already? Sorry about that. We’ll give you our thoughts about ethics, vegetarianism, flexitarianism etc in later chapters, so it may be good to stick with us for a while longer.

So, Vera and Neil: The Cook and her Vet. That’s who we are, and we hope you enjoy our foodblog.

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